About Me

Hello, my name is Kyle Steven Schaff. I am also known as gamekrazzy or gamekrazzyproduction in many of my online outlets. I am glad you have taken an interest in me.

My interest in the art medium began at a ripe young age. Over time this branched out to making animations, composing music, and finally making original pixel art.

I began my interest in music from my parents, when they had me partake in piano lessons for 3 years. Years later, I was making music in a program called 'Mario Paint Composer', until I was informed of a software program known as FL Studio, which is what I currently use today, and have the most experience with.

My interest in pixel art and game development began with a program called 'Byond Dream Maker', which was an outlet for creating 2D games. I always had an interest in making my own video games, and this program allowed me to experiment with my ideas and artwork. Eventually, I made pixel art contributions to a game called 'NEStalgia', and I still hold onto that fact proudly, as many of my assets contributed are used to this day. Other projects include, 'Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D' and a few of my own works, such as 'Light in the Dark', which I published for the '2015 Construct 2 Deception Jam'.

If you wish to contact me about commission work or possible game projects in the future, you can email me at:

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